Brands available in Australia?


I’m a complete nooby, infact, so nooby that I don’t even have a uni yet.

I’ve been trying to find what unicycles are available in Australia and, matching with brands I’ve read about online, the only ones I’ve found are Qu-Ax.

Now, given two things; My near 100kg (220lbs) weight and my soon to be limited funds thanks to an imminent speeding fine (accompanying license suspension being the reason to find something else to ride :stuck_out_tongue: ), would a Qu-Ax Luxus model be suitable? Or are there other brands at around the same price range, around $200 that would be better?

Appreciate any and all input :slight_smile:



The Club unicycles won’t stand up to your 100kg, but most others should - until you start hopping, jumping and the like.


Hi Twisty.

I have a Kris Holm 24 that I am looking to sell. It was the one I learned on and since its a KH it will take your weight plus any kind of abuse you wish to put it through. It has a 3" slick tyre and although its seven years old and has been very heavily used its still a great ride and would serve you well.

I live in Alice Springs but it could be posted to you if you are interested. I just want about 100 bucks for it.

Let me know buddy, Kris Holms are a good uni, you’ll hear nothing but praise for them on this site. Its beat up and scratched but theres nothing mechanically wrong with it and a 24" wheel is a good allround size for either learning, going off road or just plain old riding around

Thanks for that. Will look into buying after next pay day. :smiley:

EDIT: Dontcha hate it when you reply just as someone does before you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thorvald, sounds like a brilliant idea as I don’t care how it looks :smiley:
Any idea how much it would cost to post to Melbourne?
3337 or 3205. One’s home and one’s work near the city.

There’s also which sells complete Qu-Ax’s as well as the option of picking and choosing parts for a custom uni :smiley:

Yeah that’s where I found the Qu-Ax’s but I wasn’t sure if the luxus model would take my weight

Some friends and I started out on some Qu-ax’s (luxus) from and they have suited us very well.
Very sturdy, can handle a lot and very smooth riding.

We are about to upgrade to some custom koxx-one devils.

(btw don’t get the zebra seat unicycle the seat is rock hard compared to the others and ruins the aspect of riding. has caused problems in the nether regions of my friend.)

Great starter uni’s


Thanks Ricoh :slight_smile: