Brand SPANKIN New 36'er

In case anyone’s interested…but then again even if nowbody is, I’ve just completed my Brand SPANKIN New 36’er. It’s complete with

  • Rick Hunter frame
  • Airfoil Rim
  • UDC X-tra Wide Hub
  • Odyssey Pedals
  • Magura HS-33 Brake
  • Rockwerks Seatpost
  • Kris Holm Fusion Air Saddle
  • 150mm Cranks

Here’s some pics

wow, that’s purdy. nice stuff!

hey, is that mud i see? nope

No mud yet…just driveway dirt. It’s a start! Brian, can’t wait for you to come to NY to shoot the tour of NY video.

I trust it won’t be raining this time?


nuff said

That’s a beauty. Good luck with it. Did you build or purchase the wheel?

i really love that coker
you have to give me your adress so i can rob you one day

I bought the wheelset from UDC. Jake_amos my address won’t help because I sleep with the uni under my pillow.

The pictures don’t do it justice. Please send the unicycle to Greg Harper so he can take some better pictures of it. While it is here the Seattle crew will test it out for you to make sure it is all proper. We’re good at that. We’re experts.

How do you like the ride with the 150 cranks? Ever ridden on 125s?

Wow it’s lovely, pretty much my dream uni. Have fun!

My 28" has 125mm cranks and eventually I will put them on this unicycle. I’m running 150’s because most of my road riding is in hilly areas + I’ll be doing quite a bit of Muni on it + I’m really out of shape. When my legs and lungs strengthen and get “acclimated” to the pushing and holding back the large wheel I’ll switch to 125’s.

What’s your address I’ll drop it in the mail right away. Oh…wait…If I send it to you then I can’t ride it. Sorry! :wink: Next time I’m in Seattle I’ll catch up with you guys.

Looking good! :slight_smile:

Ooh, Ooh. Next time you’re in Seattle my Hunter wants to come out and play too.

I love the red color Greg :sunglasses: . What do you call that color?

I think he calls it red :roll_eyes: , although he should have used red Maguras, too.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one building up a unicycle in anticipation of the 8th annual LBI unithon being announced.

Looks like a sweet ride.

That’s gorgeous.


I’m curious, what is the brand of seatpost clamp on the Hunters? Both unipsychler and UniBrier have the same clamp so I’m assuming it’s a clamp supplied by Hunter.