Brand new white 24" Impact Gravity frame

heya, ive got a brand spanking new 24" impact gravity frame for sale, never used and never fitted on to my MUni, amazing condition with no scrapes/scratches marks etc… great price! PM me for more details + pictures



How much are you wanting for it?
Might as well let everyone know in the thread.

Oops - didn’t read this properly, read it as 20" not 24".

Ignore me.

Anyway, that’s an idea a longneck for a 24in, mowcius. I know some riders that would be pleased by such frames (being more than 6" makes things harder on smaller wheels).

Getting back to the subject, would you be interested by a trade ? Or trade + money ?

You can have a look at the parts I have (I also have a couple of cranks not listed in here).

Let me know if you are open to trades and if you have an idea of the cost of shipping to France.

Thanks =)

im Looking for about £90 excluding postage, sensible offers may be accepted :slight_smile:


£75 exl P&P

-returns accepted

What is the bearing size and spacing on this frame?

The bearing size is 42mm and the spacing is 2.1 inch (i think)

Thanks for the interest!

BUMP! final offer, needs to be sold, £50 great buy!

Very interesting indeed…

I still have to figure out the best shipping strategy.
Will PM you ASAP.

PM sent

This item is now SOLD! :slight_smile: