Brand New Video

Tearing up the church steps in Hendersonville, NC. Music courtesy Mr. Glenn Danzig. Oh, yes always wear a helmet.

one bit where it takes ages for you to… i dont know get prepared to go up them steps…

Yeah, I thought it was funny when the gate kept slinking shut. And I claim no mad skills, but I have a lot of fun.


Just by watching you ride, and how smooth it is, you shouldn’t be hopping up stairs all the time. You’re much better rider for a beginner trick like that.

How do you pull off the trick where you rolling hop some of the stairs and ride down the rest? I would think you would hit the stairs and just go flying off.

Good video overall, and good choice of music.

Hey thanks, first positive comment :). I pretty much just ran around and did what I saw in Hendersonville, which were staircases on churches…heh. I’m going somewhere next weekend with a guy near by, and plan to get some one foot riding and stuff. That was me trying to jump them all and changing my mind in the air. I was glad I didn’t fall. I’d totally watch it for the song.