Brand New Unridden Summit Trials

I have an unridden Summit trials Uni. The only thing that has been done to it is the “nubs” have been machined off and '04 KH crank bolts have been installed. $350 shipped in the USA. A bomb-proof uni, or a collecters item. aI can get pics up after the weekend. Sooner if there is interest.

Alex DX32 rim
Luna Tire

Here is a pic of a Summit, but not the actual one.

how about a picture of the actual thing

It looks exactly like the one pictured, even the nub removal. I’ll try and get some pics up tonight.

are you willing to part it out?

I’d rather not but what do you want?

I’m interested in the wheelset as long as it has a kh isis compatible hub on it.

Nope. it’s the original KH splined hub. I think it’s 8 splines.

would you consider sending to ottawa Ontario?!



Still for sale. Will take reasonable offer.

Offer On Your UniCycle

Hey Bud. I also live in virginia about 50-60 miles south. I have an offer for you, if your interested please message me at or send me a PM to my profile on here.

Marc Rogers

I PM’d You

Alright I replied to your message thanks.