Brand new to unicycling

Ok I have just discovered this unique/cool sport. I have really been into BMX’ing greatly (Park, Street) and now I would like to try this. So first of all. How hard is this sport? I am not just talking bout riding the unicylcle most balancing things come pretty easy to me, but I mean like doing the hops and spins and all that cool stuff. Second, Where is a good site to get a uni and which one should I get now remember I am totally new and no nothing bout uni. Thanks I look foward to get into this.

welcome to the fora. its good ta have you. anyways on to your questions. if you click the link below that says newbie guide. you will find an abundance of knoledge all bundled up in to a few hundred words. also check out the thread called journal of a new unicycler in the just conversation forum. if you read both of those you should be on the right track. as for a good site to check otu to buy one… if you are in the us check out or if youre in canada check out Bedford Unicycles both of these sites have great unicycles to choose from in all sorts of different ranges of style and riding ability

lol, thats funny coz so many other non-unicyclists look at the sport and think, gees i reckon i could do that!!
wait till u get on a unicycle then you will find out how ur balance really stands :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Well I know there probably isn’t anything close to unicycling but lets see…
Learned to Snowboard in couple hours
Been Riding a bike since I was 4
Been BMX’ing for bout 2 years lots of balancing in that from grinding, stalling, Manualing, etc…
Used to be into skateboarding
Been rollerblading since I was bout 5

I know all these are not much like unicycling but Just whenever I set my mind to a sport i usually learn it pretty fast. I dont see why uni’ng will be much diff. It will just take me while to get used to it.

Sometimes when people come from biking they pick up the uni really fast. I think that applies more to flatland riders but maybe bmx too.

yeah yeah, i believe that u could probly pick it up quite quickly, im just stating that lots of ppl i know watch me riding and think “i could do that” and try, and then they find that it is really alot harder than it looks!

but wen u learn this sport, u will love it, coz its so different and has so much more variety, and very individual :stuck_out_tongue:

i reckon coming from BMX definetaly helps with uni’ing, seems like wenever i let a good bike rider have a go at a skatepark they pick it up pretty quick. ive seen a bike rider get a unispin in around 5 mins of riding so any things possible mate, confidence is a good thing.

Matty Porter

Hi Matt,
R u Matt Porter ex Albury

not quite sure what u mean mate, so im guessing not, whats ex Albury?

That’s the spirit.
I’m so used to people saying ‘I could never do that’ that your attitude comes as a pleasant surprise.
I’d love to hear how you get on once you get a uni.

Keep us posted, ok?