Brand new Rim! for a thief......

I’ll wack them round the head with my muni!:stuck_out_tongue:

If the unicycle was in fact at the yard sale, I would just go there and take it. If they call the cops, bring your proof that you own it. Oh, and bring a baseball bat, they always help lighten the situation… for you.

This sucks. I have luckly never had a uni or bike stolen. I lock my bikes up where ever I go with U locks (not the kind that opens with a bic pen) and I bring my unis everywhere I can. If you had a bigger wheel, I guess the best bet is to U lock the wheel and frame to something, and then take the seat off (seeing as seat assemblies can run over $100).

Good luck finding your uni, I hope you get it back!

I always figured that a uni might do better than a baseball bat, but a baseball bat looks more intimidating. So no-one has answered my question about the craigs list thing, does anyone know?

Just make sure you don’t tell two many people as the theif might hear;)

thats unlucky!
i take my every where i go…try to keep it insight at all times…never been stolen…i hate leaving it out side when i go in peoples houses…but i figure that no one will ride off on it…might just steal it cause they think they’re cool.
unlucky though.