Brand new Rim! for a thief......

I ordered a new rim and spokes to convert my uni to a 19" setup, and I finished building the wheelset today, the best wheelset I’ve built to date. This is my first ever 19" setup, and I was very excited to finally get it. I rode it around a little bit today and pretty much fell in love. I also spent time removing the paint from my Qu-Ax hub, to match the overall look of the uni. I also modified my viscount seat with a KH front handle bolted in front. I was very proud of my work, because I finally had a stylish, well-built uni.

I took it outside to practice my leg wraps, seat wraps, one-handed and no-handed wraps, etc, when some neighbors a few houses down saw me and invited me to their party. I rode over, and hung out with them for a little while, and showed them a few tricks. We all went inside, and I decided to leave my uni outside. I knew that I wouldn’t be inside for long, so I left it outside, this way I wouldn’t bring in the dirty tire in their house.

I came back outside, and it was gone. I looked around the house and around the neighborhood, but no luck. After a rough week with other unrelated issues, I knew that I would make up for it today with my new uni, only to have it taken away from me in a matter of minutes. One of the best days this year happened to turn into the worst. So what was on my uni you ask? Here’s the list:

Qu-Ax hub and 125mm cranks
Yuni powdercoated frame
Nimbus 19" 48-spoke rim
48 Marwi spokes
Viscount saddle
Kris Holm front handle
United seatpost
PrimoPro Meat Tenderizer pedals
Luna tire (purchased from Mike Clark, the tire Sabin rode on in Defect)

I know it’s not the best uni, but it still ran me about $500. Luckily I snagged a few pictures before it was stolen. What did I learn from this experience? NEVER leave a uni unattended outside, no matter how close to your home. Also, never live in Tucson, unless you really want something stolen from you.


That’s terrible. You didn’t even get to ride it properly.
I’ll try to learn from your experience. Thank you.

My condolences. I used to park my uni everywhere w/o a chain too because I thought no one would want to steal a unicycle. Then mine got stolen from my doorstep and I bring it everywhere I go now - toilets, shopping malls, lecture theatres, classes, etc.

I’m usually really good about doing that too, sometimes I don’t even leave it in my jeep, knowing that someone coul slash my windows with a knife. I just happened to be in the wrong situation at the exact wrong time. This will only make me take my next uni WHEREVER I go. Oh well, I’m stuck now, and am without a uni until I can get another $500. A little hard to do when you’re a starving college student…

Major bummer! You just got all of that stuff, too. If I ever spot it, I’ll know who to call. A theif probably wouldn’t steal it to ride it, so it may turn up on ebay if you’re lucky.

Cnts! Total utter fckers! I really feel for you dude! Ever since my bmx got stolen I have been really bitter and if I ever got my hands on them I would smash their f*ckin’ heads in!

I know who stole it aswell as where he lives, but I got the police involved, so I can’t do what I would like to his house, because they would know who it is!

Hopefully there is a good chance you will get it back, since its a unicycle, and a little more obvious than a bike.

Scum like that should be thrown to everyone that has ever had something stolen from them!

Rock on!

Dude, that really sucks. Now I will never leave my uni outsied when I come in from breaks from long rides. I really dont want it stolen. Theifs are the lowest of low life. I hope you get it back. O yeah, that thats a really sexy and strong uni.

or the trading post here.:smiley: the most valuable thing ive ever had stolen was a nine doller knife.:frowning:

Hehe. You know what? There was this brand new Haro bike chained up near my place just a week back. Some hours after I pointed it out to my mom (because there has been thefts in the area), I noticed that half the chain’s been cut. The next day, it disappeared.

I surfed around on eBay 2 days back and saw the same bike there with the collection area near my place. Coincidence?

that sucks:(

well said :sunglasses:

Good call.

well i’m glad my luck wasn’t like that ran into my buddys place for a drink and left my uni and bike on his frond porch and my mountain bike got stole and they left 2 uni and a bc wheel the one uni was mine of course i would of been in tears if my uni got stolen

Im so glad I always bring my unis with me everywhere. I dont care where I am at, my uni is in hand, or under me being ridden on.

Im really sorry for you man, I would check out that garage sale and see if that uni is the one stolen from you. If it is, call the cops, and report your uni was stolen, and that you found it at a garage sale. Or just steal it back.

Luckily you have proof of it being yours with your pictures and what not, so there is a better chance there. I hope you get it back. You had a sweet set-up.

Well I prefer the “kick-ass” solution, but maybe I’ll take your advice on this one, haha.

I did look at that site, but it looks like the listing started Ocober 19th. Can they be updated at a later time without the date changing? I doubt that it would, but hopefully there’s that small chance…

Dang!! Matt, don’t worry, i will kick thief’s ass!!
well, i thought that nobody want to steal unicycle but some people do. We have to be careful:(


Get a friend - friends steals unicycle wilt you call cops + shout at garage person;)

delete i’m sorry i took it mine was broken down needed something to ride for awhile u can have it back sorry the hub and crank are missing but they work great on mine lol… i’m sorry i had to write it… i really do hope u find it, i had my mountian bike stolen not even a week ago but by the time someone reads this it more then likely be longer lol well best of luck with getting ur uni back