Brand new pedals cracking

today I got my nimbus 26 muni and put it all together correctly, but the right pedal has started making a knocking noise once per revolution, they are plastic pedals with metal pins. I have tried tightening the nut inside and all is tight but it shouldn’t be making a noise from out of the box. any fixes?
thanks :slight_smile:

i don’t know if this helps, but that same thing happened to me but after a while it suddenly stopped happening. I’m not sure exactly what happened to it or how it stopped. just try to ignore the sound for now maybe it will go away like what happened in my situation.

Are the cranks/bearings tight too? I’ve had a similar symptom with both loose cranks and bearing holders.

the cranks are completely solid and the bearings are fine, I know it is the pedal because it sometimes makes the noise when I move it with my hand (the pedal bolts are tight)

On some pedals there is two nuts under the cap. then you’ll have to screw off the first nut and then tighten the second nut, then put the first nut back on.
if this doesn’t help ask UDC for a new pair of pedals.

ok thanks I will try that tomorrow :slight_smile:

also my friend has the same uni and the same problem