Brand new newbie

I am looking for my first uni!! I am 5’11’’ and 180lbs. What I want: 1 uni that will last so I don’t have to end up buying another one as soon as I start riding. I found the Nimbus Trials and am interested. I am a regular mountain biker and love riding skinnies, bridges, teeter-totters etc. I don’t want to mtn bike with a uni for sure. I want to do more than street stuff so I guess my question is would the Nimbus be a good uni to learn on and then continue to more of what I am wanting to do? Do you have any other suggestions? If the Nimbus is the right one, what would you recommend as upgrades right off the bat? Where should I order it from? Any other recommendations to a guy who doesn’t have a clue?

Nimbus is a good brand. You will probably want to get one at the (UDC) site in your country. Nimbus is the house brand for UDC. In which country do you live? Kris Holm unicycles are a bit more expensive and have more expensive components, but they are not a large step up in function, particularly for a new rider. They are significantly more expensive.

Common upgrades for a Nimbus are to get new cranks that are stronger and to get a new seat. The ones that come by default are very useable and these upgrades would depend upon your personal preference, which you do not yet have because you don’t ride. If you are going to bounce up and down a lot, stronger cranks may be in order.

It sounds like you want a trials unicycle. The small diameter wheel is good for learning and good for tricks. It is the pogo stick of unicycles. It is not good for riding from point A to point B–you would want a larger wheel. You may find you need more than one unicycle as you get more experience.

Have fun and good luck with your new unicycle!


What size cranks should I get??

What kind of seat should I get??

I am not planning on traveling far while on the uni. I just want one, a good one, I am not going to out grow when I learn to ride. I don’t know what good “brands” that are out there. I am not dead set on a nimbus, I am open to other options, it’s just the one that peaked my interest the most. Any recommendations with that being said??

Darren Bedford is a great guy to talk to for unicycle advice.

If your just learning, a stock nimbus trials should be fine out of the box. Cranks and seat you can upgrade down the road, once you figure out which direction you want to go. You will probably want to get a set of plastic pedals to learn with, as the metal ones are not shin friendly.

This is what I have found:

Does anyone see why I SHOULDN’T get this??

looks good

I’m pretty new myself, but I started out with a Torker LX. It’s OK and was cheap, but I now wish I’d gone with something better. If I were to do it over, the Nimbus ISIS is what I’d start with. Go for it!

Thanks, that helps a lot!! SO… I did it. I ordered the Nimbus Trials in black (see my earlier post for the link). I am very excited…thanks for the help.

Make sure you either get some type of leg protection (shin) or shin friendly pedals, the ones it comes with will eat you alive…

Hmm, looking at your questions it doesn’t appear that you’re a brand new newbie. You’re asking all the same questions every other newbie has asked over the years on this site.

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