Brand new KH24" Muni!

I have ordered my new kh24 from, and they called today to say that it will arrive in a month. Is anyone else ordering one of the new models that has shaved-down cranks or whatever so that it doesn’t bang against your ankles? Or maybe someone out there already owns one? This will be my first muni and if anyone has any tips or advice concerning the kh24, or off-roading in general, please dont hesitate to share :slight_smile:

Basically, I’m just feeling very giddy and need to tell someone about my new muni. I’m so excited about it i think im gonna wet my pants.

Congrats. I look forward to the new cranks. I have two sets of the old style and would like to see a little less nub. I love my KH24 and Summit. I am sure you will too.


thats a great unicycle. I dont ride a kh uni but I do have all kh parts. one problem you will have is that the cranks will come loose after a while but overall they are great coponents

I bought a used KH24 wheelset that had already been assembled with Anti-seize. That was 8 months ago and I have never had a problem with loose crank arms.

However, I just received my brand spanking new Summit 20" trials today. After throwing on the pedals & seat and pressurizing the tire, I jumped on it for my initial ride. What did I feel. The right pedal was loose. Being on my lunch time, I didn’t have the tools to fix it or my Anti-seize. I plan to anti-seize the splines and locktite the bolts tomorrow.

It is a great unicycle, you will love it. --chirokid–

SWEEEEET dude, yea i was gonna order one up as soon as they came in stock, but maybe i should jus pre-order it now. So did they mean it would be at your house with in a month, or they would have it in-stock within a month? Either way, a month seems like a loooong time…

Chiro, you should check the spokes real close if you haven’t already. Both Jagur’s and my Summit came super-loose out of the box, and it seemed like there were others that jumped on a thread with the same issue, just can’t remember who they all were. It seemed to be a common issue.

Thanks Tom. I will do that. --chirokid–

This is not an actual problem. This is part of general maintenance. All types of cranks come loose eventually, including Profiles and square taper ones. All that is needed is the correct tools, and to take action when you hear things squeeking or detect unusual movements.

Congratulations on the upcoming purchase tennisgh22, you should be happy when it arrives. Here in NZ the wait for parts is a long one too, I know how you feel. I don’t have any special advice for you, except maybe to scout out some good offroad tracks ahead of time, so that when it arrives you can go straight there and try your new wheel’s abilities out.

I also had this problem. I didn’t want to mess with the wheel myself, so I took it to my LBS. They sorted it out and I haven’t had a problem since.