brand new kh 36 with everything

just purchased my dream uni. rode a few times but something was wrong?
trip to doctor, testicular cancer, ouch. but uni has to go. ridden maybe a few blocks but pain hits so its brand new. has brakes, kh touring bar, not a scratch on it. well over a 1000 to build. no insurance so i have to get rid of my toys. working in ny ,so delivery is possible?
900.00 , my loss your gain.


Sorry to hear about your medical issue. Hopefully this sells quickly for you and that treatments solve your problem.

I have a KH 36 and like it … good luck on your testicle issues.
Heal well.

You mentioned a brake, but I don’t see them in the pics. Is it a magura or a non hydraulic?


its a magura hydro unit. sorry
its unridden other than a few hundred yards,

You were supposed to get back with me on shipping and total costs. :thinking:

brand new kh 36

ok i will throw in my new never worn 661 knee shin pads, kh gloves xl, plus my new kh 36 750.00 plus shipping… phil


PM’d you, please get back to me :slight_smile:


i can ship ups cod