Brand New Awesome Movie!!!!

Check out my new movie at! The new one is the last one on the list where the caption says This is the BEST on this gallery etc. etc. It really is the best on there. It’s good quality and it’s about 3 minutes long! MUST SEE!

Nice job!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

how long you been riding, you looked quite smooth
could change the soundtrack tho, did my head in, lol

yeah, i couldnt stand the music. the best part was the idling, how long can you idle for?

That is indeed some smooth riding for someone so young. How long have you been riding?

the music hurt my ears…

Nice idle though

i feel sorry for spencer


Man, I don’t know what you guys are talking about, that song rocks! Between ages 8 and 12, my entire music collection consisted of Weird Al cassette tapes. I’ve got everything from his self-titled album to Running w/ Scissors, including Greatest Hits vol. 1 and 2 and the “Food” and “TV” albums just for good measure. Still have to get Poodle hat. My favorites are his polka compilations, I once made a tape of all of them spliced together to make one 45 min. polka song! Thanks, Tylercox, for rekindling my love of Weird Al Yankovic. Nice riding too.

i was afraid that i’d be mobbed if i said i like the song, but yes im a huge weird al fan too. gotta love the angry white boy medley (with the polka version of chop suey at the beginning)

WAKE UP! heh


YOU FINALLY GOT A CAMERA MAN! Now we all got a good look at what Tyler Cox can really do. One Tip: When you’re going up hills try holding on to the front of your saddle (I know it’s hard with a Torker saddle) to make it up some of those hills. Overall great riding (not to mention the best video of yours), and I look foward to your next post.

Yeah, when you get a new video update us on it. I would like to see your improvement.
Thanks, George