Brand new 24" kris holm $350

Hey guys. I found this on Iowa craigslist. I contacted him and was about to buy it from him but my dad surprised me w a nimbus oregon for my birthday so i feel bad i left him out of a sale so i wanna help him sell it. He is a non profit retailer who buys wholesale trucks full of new random items and this was in there. you can see the stock image on his charitys facebook. Affordables by bethany for life foundation. You can contact him through there and ill ask him tomorrow if hes ok with me posting his email on here. He wont go less than 350 so youll have to pay for shipping unless you can go to Iowa.
I think you may also get to use it as a tax write off since its a charity organization. He has an interested buyer that will check it out on the 31st so jump on it!!!