I got my first muni in Nov. It’s set up for brakes, but I’ve not put any on yet, and I’m not sure if I should. Some tell me that it will give me way more control when descending.

What pros/cons can some of you tell me about using brakes? Any data will help.

well i’ve never used a uni with brakes but I do steeper stuff on my uni that a lot of people do with a mountain bike, so I would say ride with out brakes and you will soon realise that they are not nessesary to be a good Munier

I also ride many steep hills that I never attempted on my mountain bike. I’m curious to know how much better it would be with brakes.

heres a thread to help

That was helpful. Thanks.

I like muni riding without a brake. It’s more pure, (and I’m too lazy to want to fiddle with a brake on my muni). But I also don’t ride much where a brake would be needed for muni. If I did a lot of hill climbing on dirt roads for exercise I would be wanting a brake. Doing a 1500 foot decent on a dirt road gets kind of old after the first 300 feet of decent. Fortunately I don’t do that much.

I do have a brake on my Coker and love it. I even use it when it’s not necessary just because.

So it depends on where and how you ride. If you’re finishing rides with post ride soreness in the leg muscles due to going downhill then a brake would be beneficial as long as the terrain is brake friendly.

what arer the point of brakes anyways, thats what legs are for. wouldnt it be the same if u just moved your legs slower. ive never understood it