Does anyone have instructions on installing the UDC magura hydralic breaks on a GB 36 frame?


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Someone answer or he’ll have to learn to ride without brakes. :sunglasses:

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Well it all depends on what you’ve got. If you’ve only got the frame & brake, you’ll need the metal mounting brackets and a seatpost extension adapter to hold the brake handle.

you need to bolt each brake cylinder onto the frame with the wheel in place… You can then line up the pad with the rim & tighten until its locked in place. You then run the handle up to under the seat, making sure the tube is set up out of the way, so it can’t rub or anything. Then attach the brake lever in a comfortable position for grabbing.

You’re looking for about 2-4mm gap between the rim & the brake pad when its tightened. If there’s any flex in the wheel then it’ll foul on either of the pads. Its worth making sure its tight & true before fitting the brakes.

This description would probably benefit from some pictures but I hope you get the idea.


Wow! A GB4 frame. That must be awesome. You sure are lucky to have one of those, because I heard he isn’t making them any more. What color is it? Any pictures? Do you have any naked pictures of that frame? Want to buy some?

It is actually fairly easy, but the directions that come with them aren’t all that helpful. Four screws, and you’ll need a bar end extender to attach the brake lever. That’s about it.

I described my Magura setup in this (link) thread, with a link to pictures. It only requires one small hole to be drilled in the frame and has been guite good.

Here’s two previous threads about mounting a Magura brake.
My custom muni…

You can read all about bleeding and other Magura brake maintenance and installation info at The Magura Cult. Excellent tips and info there.

Magura also has their tech manuals and shop manuals for their brakes online as nice PDF documents. Go to this page then click on the downloads link on the left.

If you want to shorten the line then things get tricky. Cutting the line, putting on new fittings, then properly bleeding the brake is tricky. Do you want to cut the line so it fits better on the Coker?

I go the lazy route and take my brake to a local DH bike shop and have them cut and install heavy duty hydraulic line for my brake. They have the tools and the fittings to do it. Then it’s just a matter of me putting in the fluid and bleeding the brake which is something that I can do. If you don’t want to mess with that then you can have the bike shop do that too.

Are you going to need to bleed the brake yourself? If you do, you’ll need to buy a bleed kit. The Magura Cult has a great tip for brake fluid. You can use Finish Line Shock Oil No 5 which is a synthetic mineral oil for front bike forks. Most bike shops will have it.

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