Wow, I think this wins as the shortest post of the year!

This is a reply to the original post. Not the post itself.



Im confused it says on RSU that joemc started this thread when its obviously not, i think or was ith th fact that he just started a thread and posted nothing that makes him dissapear? Im really confusled.

uhhhhh what

I was not the origianl poster. I replied to a post by someone else. For some reason that first post was empty.

Go figure

I did indeed try to post something, but something crashed when I pressed the ‘submit’ button, and I was too lazy to start again. Nothing too exciting, just more dodgy looking engineering, this time a v-brake booster chopped off some old suspension forks, abd rigged onto my nimbus 2 muni frame. lot of chopping and welding to get it to fit around the halo, but well worth the effort. pics at

i love ‘survival’ / ‘rat’ looking kit.