brakes on Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Unicycle !


what kind of brakes can i mount on Kris Holm 24-inch
Mountain Unicycle ?


I’m pretty sure the Magura ones fit. I think they’re hydraulic brakes but contact the rim and are independant of each other. They seem pretty popular but I think they’re quite expensive. Also, I’m not sure if this true but one of my friends said that he’s heard they’re really powerful but not that sensitive. Please correct me if I’m wrong. That’s just what I heard.


Well, the brake mounts on the KH are four-post Magura-specific mounts, so that is what will fit. I think you used to be able to get adaptors to mount v-brakes to Magura mounts, but I don’t know if they are available anymore.


They are powerful, AND they modulate very well (sensitive)

A poorly setup brake, like anything, will not work perfectly.


Nothing wrong with maguras. The feel from the brakes depends on how you set them up and with what pads, there are lots.

As a bike trials rider, i run magura’s on front and rear of the bike, and run a different feel for front and back.

On the front i run standard magura pads (black) on a smooth rim surface, which gives great modulation but not as much lock up, as trials riders do lots of coast moves on the front wheel.
On the back, i run monty orange pads, which are soft compound and extreamly sticky, with an aftermarket RB designs magura lever which is more powerfull. I use an angle grinder on my rim to make it rough. This combination results in on, off braking, which you need on the rear for bike trials as you gap the bike from wall to wall and dont want it to slip.

The pistons do work seperatly to each other usually, as in, when you squeeze the lever, the oil pushes through the tubes, pushes the left piston first, when the left pad touches the rim, the right piston moves in. This happens so fast you wont notice it.

Some trials riders say they can notice it, so you can get a line splitter, which makes fluid push into both pistons at the same time, resulting in the pads touching the rims at the same time. But i dont think its worth it!

For a unicycle, the brake is primarly used to slow down, not to stop on a dime. so i would suggest just a standard magura, with hard black standard pads. and this will be fine.


Re: brakes on Kris Holm 24-inch Mountain Unicycle !

Magura HS33. They are great. I think the HS11 ones will also fit, but they
aren’t as good - cheaper though.


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> what kind of brakes can i mount on Kris Holm 24-inch
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