Brakes on a Torker DX?

I wanna give Muni a shot, so I need to outfit my 24" 2009 DX with brakes. I want to go the cheapest route possible. What parts would I need?

I think you will need to get some used maguras, or if you are crafter you can modify your own custom Vbrake setup to work with the magura mounts.

There is a thread, right here on page 1 of the forums, about that. one way to put V-Brakes on Mag mounts

Brakes are entirely optional for MUni. I used them on my 24 MUni until I built a wider wheel that was too wide for the brake position. I took them off in favor of the wider wheel, and felt like I didn’t really need them after all. After using brakes on 24, 29 and 36 I don’t think I would put them on a 24 unless I was running short cranks (maybe 125-137 for MUni). I plan on using my HS33 on my 26" when I get around to building that wheel, but for now I have the 24 w/150’s in the 26 frame and no brake.

I would go for a ride and see what it feels like before making the investment. If in the end you still want a brake used/new Maggies from Brycer1968 will probably be the cheapest way to go without waiting for a screaming deal to show up on Ebay.

You will still need to get mounting hardware to attach them to your frame, and so you will add about $20 to the cost of the brakes.

The one thing I can’t wrap my head around is how the brake lever gets installed and how you position your hand. The KH ones on UDS looks like you just ride holding your handle and just reach a bit for the brake. Those Maguras with the bike-style lever look like they might be cumbersome…

I’d talk to brycer1968 he got me set up with mine and a killer deal too, the setup your talking about I have on my Torker DX 24. mounting brakes hardware

feel free to pm if you have any questions or want to see more pictures.

I have a 24’’ with 150’s and I love my brake, it is great for saving some energy and it defenitly helps for steep downhills.

I agree.

The brake lever gets installed on this you slide your brake on and tighten the bolt. The brake mount is bolted on to the 4 front bolts of the seat. The levers arn’t the easiest to use, this really helps .

In my last post I wasn’t trying to disuade you from using a brake, but just sharing an opinion based on my experience. I guess my real point was to try it and see if you like it the way it is first.

As for the lever mount, I made my own and posted a thread about it a while back. It was considerably cheaper than the KH although I’m sure it’s heavier.

There is also a Torker DX brake lever mount that attaches to the seatpost.
Is there anywhere in america that sells this?

UDC.US has it normally (for $20); however, they appear to be out of stock. You could call Bedford Unicycles in Canada. He might have one and doesn’t charge much to ship to the U.S.

UDC.US will be getting more stock in November, so if you can’t find one, they should be able to hook you up before too long. canada has 27 of those in stock. Check it out: or a direct link:


Also, a place called Just One Wheel.

I really like my brakes. They have saved my knees and allow me to ride downhill faster. I have 3 sets of brakes from Bryce. He always ships them out very fast.