brakes(on a sun 28")

im thinking about getting a sun 28’ unicycle and i was wondering if i could put brakes on it

if they do fit would it be better to get a v-brake or a Hydraulic brakes be better

Hydraulic brakes on a sun is like 2 year old with a mustang. Not only does it look stupid but its completely useless. In fact an=y brakes on a sun is impossible because they dont have brake mounts.

Plenty of 29ers have brakes. They can be useful if you’re riding in a hilly area. The Suns have been reported to hold up pretty well for road riding. You can get braze on Magura mounts at UDC. You’ll need to remove the chrome to get them brazed on though. I had it done on a stock Coker frame and then had it powdercoated.