brakes on 20"

hi. I do trials and alot of muni on my kh trials, and I was wondering if it would be worth getting brakes for a 20".


Nah, I dont see why you would need them. My DX has brake mounts on it, and I dont see why they have them. The only brakes I need are my legs!

haha no don get brakes… brakes for trials well mess you up… and if your doing dh on your 20 well… your suposed to use a 24" for downhill and brake would be a BIG waste of money

Yeah really don’t bother, there have been threads on this, some people suggest that for some very particular moves (landing perpendicular on a rail i think was one of them, and for mounting on a rail) that a brake is useful, but for everything else it is just extra weight, complexity and cost. As no video of any of the top riders (Syco productions, KH, Shaun Johanssen, KOxx etc.) has ever shown someone riding a 20" with brake we can assume that if they don’t need them you don’t either.

Also the KH 20" frame doesn’t have brake mounts, and welding brake mounts which are only commercially available in steel to an aluminium frame is impossible, so you’re either going to have to get a new (heavier) frame with brake mounts or have some custom fabrication and welding work done, neither of which are cheap.

I had one. Not very useful.

Actually I had 2

I think thatbrakes on a 20" is kinda dumb and almost entirely useless. The only use i would ever get out of the brakes would be for mounting on skinnies or dropping to skinnies. Plus as kington said…there are no alu. brake mounts out there.


ok thx. i use my trials for muni cause im really little, and ive been putting all my money into my trials. also i really like doing the trialsy sections more.