Brakes - Not Hydraulic

Does anybody out there know if there is a rim brake (centre pull or otherwise) that is not hydraulic and will fit over 3" tire?

Hi, I know you said not hydraulic, but is that because of the booster size? I’ve seen online (I can’t remember where or how to do it) but you can braze/weld the brakes right to the frame, thus illeviating (sp?) the need for a booster.

I love my Hydro’s too much to even think about cables.

I would like to fit a disc on there somehow (for cool factor only)

I have brake bosses as it is so the booster is not an issue; however, the length of the brake arms is not long enough to allow me to fit the cable noodle over the tire and some brake pads do not extend far enough from the brake to so that they can touch the rim before the brake itself squeezes on the tire.