Brakes. How?

So I would like to get brakes on my uni but I dont have existing brake mounts. Do I have to weld mounts on? Is there some that just mount around the frame? What options do I have?

Weld on, or drill through the crown for old caliper brakes.
Lots of older threads about brakes address this topic.

Take a pic of your uni and post it… chances are, someone has rigged something up for the frame. :slight_smile:

What kind of uni is it? What size is the tire? If it is a MUni with a 2.5 tire you should be able to use a V-brake with a Dimension “big cheese” adaptor.

If you have a Coker I would recommend a BMX front sidepull caliper. It is super easy to install, and works very well. You just have to drill a hole in the fork crown to mount it and then set up the brake.

If you have a 3" MUni tire you will most likely have to get a new frame, or get bosses welded to your current one. Most brakes have a hard time getting around a 3" tire. I believe this is the reason Magura’s have become the defacto standard for uni’s.

I am of the opinion that unless you have a need for the reach of a Maggie you will do as well or better with something else.

So I have a coker wheelset but a nimbus titan frame. Would you still recommend the bmx cilper brake?

I forgot I had asked this question, I know its been a while. The weather has been terrible, windy and rainy, so I havent even ridden my 36er in the last 3 weeks. Its sad.

That is the perfect setup for a BMX front caliper brake. I used to have a similar setup with an original steel Coker big one frame, and the current Coker aluminum wheelset. I had an Odyssey pit bull caliper brake on it, and it worked great.

Just make sure that you get a super long reach caliper, and that it has the bolt for a front fork of a bike. The rear bolt is too short to make it through the frame.

Here’s one that should work for reach, but it doesn’t say front or rear. This caliper used to come with both center bolts so that you could make it work for either. You might want to call before you order to make sure.