brakes for uni?

okay, so i was at ace today and i say some brakes for a regular bike and it looked like it could fit on a unicycle and all so like i was wondering would it be possible to just put it on my unicycle and use it or no or if yes then would there be a special things for making it fit right since its on a unicycle instead of a bike or would it be like normal
thanks to anyone who responds

Well im no expert on the subject but if you have the mounts on your uni frame it should work, what type of uni do you have?

torker cx:(

Chances are, if you’re riding a Torker CX, you don’t need a brake.

However, most bicycle brakes can be modified to work on unicycles, and unicycles can be modified to utilize brakes.

when you get into tougher muni, when downhills are so steep that it would be impossible for your legs to rotate and ride down the hill, you can use brakes to slow down and enable yourself to ride steep terrain.

what if i am like going at super fast speeds being pulled by a car on the highway and i want to stop then what do i do just fall and like roll 50 feet before stopping at a near death or what?

You’d have to be impecably good at gliding, but Yes, you can use it for gliding and coasting as well.

the easiest brake to put on your cycle is a caliper brake.
all you have to do is drill a hole through you crown to bolt the brake to (make sure this hole is very very straight). then you need some kind of post to come out of you seat post to mount the brake level on. you can use a bar end.

this is a caliper brake, the circled part is where it gets attached to the frame


a good shaped bar end:


here is a good example of a bar end brake post. that is brian.slater’s coker Marvin, it is very sexy

PS. unicycle brakes are mounted on the back of the frame (just incase you didn’t already know). and having a brake will take away from the simplicity of a unicycle this is the reason why i don’t use a brake


whay is it on the back that would make it harder to reach!

The BRAKE is on the back, not the handle >_>

i was thinking about doing the same thing, drilling a hole and mounting a caliper brake on my uni. anyone got any pics of it?