Brakes again

I’ve just gone from using a gear lever to a conventional brake lever on my Muni.
I overcame the awkward part i.e. positioning it where I could use it
efffectively by doing the following:

  1. Slid a standard mountain bike Bar End (22.2mm) onto the standard Miyata
    stem (also 22.2mm), and clamped the brake lever onto the end. This made the
    brake almost usable but required an awkward 1 fingered pull, and was still
    a bit far away.

  2. After wandering around the garage and looking fir some inspiration (and other
    usefule bits) I found an Aheadset top cap disc. I drilled a 5mm hole in the
    end of the lever arm and used a longish 5mm bolt to sit the disc on top of
    the lever and nearer the handle of the Miyata saddle. This makes the brake
    relatively effortless to pull on with two fingers either side of the bolt.

Here’s a pictogram (that might not be readable in a differently spaced font)

/ Saddle | {________________________________| --------------------| | __ =/
========| |
| [ ] | |
======== | |

Here’s a picture:

Leo White, Cheltenham

P.S. I still think that using a friction gear lever is a good idea on long road
or non-technical descents, I had problems though releasing the brake when I
needed to in the middle of technical downhills, or at the end.