BrakeFast Schlumpf Brake Adaptor

Sadly, no. I should have but I haven’t thought about it at that time. As I said before, I’m not very experienced in wheel building so I only thought it was my fault. :frowning:

I would say not so much. I finished to build the uni on July, 18th and haven’t done long rides. I’d say I was at ~200 km.

I don’t think so but I have finished to disassemble the wheel when it was dark so I haven’t yet checked carefully. I’ll look at it and keep you informed.

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So, the hub doesn’t seem to have been damaged. That’s great news.

I haven’t seen on Monday that 2 of the 9 others screws have been cut, too. The other half flange has become a bit loose but it was not really perceptible. However, that means both half flange are probably now unusable for a #400+ Schlumpf hub. Sadly, both hubs I own are #400+ :frowning:

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Update on this thread and my issues with BrakeFast! Last week, I received a new BrakeFast from UDC UK (:partying_face:).
I had still not fully dismounted the old broke one. When trying to remove the last screws, two of them were still hanging to the half-flange. Because of thread lock, two screws heads wore before I could remove them… That was frightening. Hopefully, there was enough space for me to use a metal saw and cut both screws without damaging the hub - at least I hope so!

By the way, I saw that the simple flange wasn’t holding great. The screws there were a bit loose. That may have been one of the reasons why my BF failed. I’ll try to put some thread lock on these screws before building my wheel again.