Hi all.

I recently got a KH24 and I love it! I ride it regularly and my question is: should I get a brake? And if so, should I spend the money on a Magura or go for something cheaper?

Cheers, mulgoamuni.

I would get a brake

You may not use it much but can be very useful
On down hills especially when tired I find to stay slow enough can be really tiring. I end up almost stepping down the hill half rev at a time

With a brake (and careful modulation) can keep spinning as
If it’s flat

You have a high end muni, get a high end brake. Maguras are great. However it seems the disc brake revolution is just around the corner. If you can wait, there may be some very cool kit around
For slowing unicycles down

Thanks for the advice. Could I ask you whether this:
is the only one which will easily fit my uni, or could I go with one of these:

I believe both wil fit
However the cross over hose on the bike setup may be a touch short
you will also need brake clamps
You can gat the magura ones. But some other companies
Make some really nice bling that are all compatable. Echo, v!z and
Some others. Check out the brake section at

However if I were to do it again I would get them from brycer on the trading
Post. He’s sorted me out with some new hoses and
The service was great. He can set up all hoses check and bleed it all. Makes it much simpler

Hope that helps

Get them from Brycer1968

Go here: Magura HS33 Brakes for sale

Bryce has great prices and can get you everything you need for your uni. He makes sure all his brakes work awesome and he can tell you, some of the new Maggies aren’t as hardy as the older ones. Before I went to all disk brakes, I had Bryce’s “frankenmaggies” on all my unis.

If I was you I would wait until you think you need a brake, it is better to start muni without a brake as you learn good skills and then later get a brake. :slight_smile:

MUni brakes are fragile. They also add a non-trivial amount of weight, and extra metal things to bash parts of your body. Don’t get one unless you feel like you need it.

I second this, I am currently running a used Magura that I purchased from Brycer, and it works fantastically. It also adds some cool color to my MUni, which is always a plus. His prices are also wonderful!