Brake troubles on coker...

So I got myself a cheap BMX caliper break from the LBS, and it has long enough reach, but the bolt that attaches it to the frame isn’t long enough to go all the way through the crown!!

Now, I thought this was a standardized length, and the bike shop doesn’t carry any longer ones…furthermore, I don’t see any measurements on any online brakes I could order to make sure the bolt is long enough on those before ordering. Is this a common problem?

I am using a standard Radial 360 frame.

there’s one bolt for the back brake and one for the front. front one’s longer. maybe they gave you the back one instead of the front one, and said they didn’t have any longer one’s for the back brake.

I’d try the local hardware store. Also, this type of brake appeals to me more the Magura. Could you post a bit more info about it, and whether a bolt from the hardware store would suffice. Did you have to drill a hole in the fork?

You have to drill one hole in the crown. I got a tame engineer to do it for me. He machined a little round reinforcement plug to go into the bottom of the seat tube but that shouldn’t actually be necessary.

I’ve been playing with it on my 29er muni; it seems to work OK in the tests I’ve tried. I need to find some bigger hills to try using it on!

Yes, you need the front bolt, which you should be able to get at your local LBS; if not, you can get it online for cheap.

Okay…I’m not completely insane. This is exactly what I told the dude at the LBS…“this looks like a back brake, and I need a front brake.”

He politely explained to me that this one was “universal”, which means one size fits all. I think it means one size fits none. However, the more frustrating thing is, I don’t know if this “universal” size is standard, because none of the catalogs he looked through mentioned the length of this bolt, so I don’t know when I’m ordering which ones will fit or not.

I also tried the hardware store approach. You’d assume the bolt would be a standard bolt, but they found a way to thwart my plans. The bolt is threaded on both ends, and has a thingy pressed into the middle.

And steveyo, these are the types of brakes I was looking at. The caliper brake must have a “reach” (bolt to brakepad) of about 85mm for it to work on an airfoil/Radial 360 combo. As to the drilling question, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Radial 360 frames (at least the US ones) come with the hole pre-drilled :slight_smile:

So I guess what would be helpful for me now is links to caliper brakes that you guys have bought and that worked…

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I saw these on Dan’s Comp, and it says they come with both a front and back bolt, which leads me to believe that I should see if the LBS has the front bolt separately, or just get the Odyssey brake from Dans Comp.

So what kinds have worked for you guys? I know people have done this successfully before…