brake system??

Where can i get a cheap brake system(wich is everything) for a cheaper price than say $75?ya know nuthin fancy but sumtin dat gats da job dun.:frowning:

Re: brake system??

Check out ebay, every so often you’ll see someone selling a used set of HS33’s or HS11 brakes for 20-50 bucks. And recently there had been a person who is constantly selling some HS33’s in sevral colors for 75 bucks.

You could always buy a v-brake. avid arch rival thats a very stong v-brake. unless you are doing really serious DHing, a v will be fine, with some good pads.
lever pads

You must not ride a brake. V-brakes can hit your knees easily, don’t clear the tre as well, are less durable, and not as crisp as maguras. Maguras are the way to go.

i wish Magura would come out with a cable version of their design…one that looks the same but is mechanically operated.

ok thanks fer da info:)

its possible to use a vee-brake. i did it to my semcycle xlw. took the brake tabs off my bike i killed after some measuring then placed the tabs onm the uni frame after gringing the finish a lil so i could weld them on. measured them so they were close to correct and tacked on the tabs. added the brake to check for wheel-pad clearance and height and to see if it cleared a gazz 2.6. once it did(minor tweaking) i fully welded them on and hacked a lever to make a hook at the end of the original lever for something to grab. next use a kids bike seat post clamp that fits your seat post and weld a tube or even bike handlebar(i used this cut to the appropriate length) and weld to the seat post clamp. now you have a brake and a mounting location for your lever too that is removable. oh yeah since i ride bikes, these were all scrap parts i had and costed me nothing. no $$ except for time:D