brake suggestions

Have a Nimbus 24" … that needs some brakes… Killed my quads the last time up (I mean down) the mountain. Any suggestions?

There is a pretty long brake thread over on the product reviews board. That should give you a good idea as to what is worth using.

For a Nimbus 24, spirits and a d’brake or a mountainuni setup would be the best option. Hub mounting is not worth the costs and installation hassle on a pre built uni unless you use very short cranks.

If you have Magura mounts, get Magura’s. They are tried and true. Bryce used to sell used sets at a great price, but may not have any left now.

If you want to spend a bit more (or not depending on what you already have) as Dave pointed out, you could go disk. My favorite disk brake is the TRP Spyre. If you go that route, get some rotor shims to put between the crank and disk.

Still have a few Magura HS33 brakes left here

Happy new year.
PM me if you are still looking for new or used HS33 rim brakes and mounts, parts, line, pads etc.