Brake Rub

I was just reading a thread about Mt. Hurricane and was reading about a brake rubbing on ascents

i just got a brake and am having similar troubles except it rubs while i’m idling, and i haven’t tried any big climbs w/ it yet
i tightened all the spokes on my KH wheel that were loose, and then tried to tension it correctly in the spot that it rubs
i think i did a fairly good job, considering i have never worked on wheels before

i read threads about having a new wheel tensioned and stress relieved, and even thought my muni is 2+ months old, i was wondering about having it done

Darren Bedford told me that kris said his wheels are hand built in taiwan and darren said that they don’t need to be trued until they start creaking

mine kind of creaks, but it’s just spoke noise (not crank problems or anything)

would it still be a good idea to get my wheel properly tensioned then stress relieved? i don’t really need it trued because it’s not bent, and i tensioned the spokes so they’re all at a similar tension


With a properly-built MUni wheel, you shouldn’t get that rubbing, especially while idling. Perhaps your brakes are not set up properly, or perhaps your wheel is not tensioned properly, or perhaps your frame-axle connection is not as tight as it should be.

Not all bike shops know how to build a wheel properly, so be sure to find one that has a good rep. But it does sound like a tune-up of the wheel and brake setup is in order.