brake on trials uni?

Ive seen dis before with some of yer guys unicycles you got brakes on your trials uni. How did you get that on ther? How is it mounted? Is there any parts i could get to do this?

Very few people have brakes mounted on trials unicycles. This is because it simply isn’t necessary on a trials unicycle. However there are plenty of riders who have brakes on their 24" or larger unicycles. You can adapt a mountain bike bar-end as a brake mount or use a KH rail adapter which has a built in brake mounting post. You’ll need a bike seatpost to go with a KH rail adapter.

First of all don’t put brakes on a trials uni unless you have an infatuation with steep, skinny skinnys. If you dont have mounts, you will need to weld these on. then you will need a seatpost like this.

Brake on my Summit

I bought this on ebay with the brake on it. I don’t see many practical applications for it. I’m putting it on my Coker where it will be welcome with all the hills in my area.