Brake, no brake, uh, uh, no brakes

So do I need a brake for Muni or not. I see alot of pictures of people doing Muni with them and alot with out. Is it just a personal thing, or are they good for something? I’m so confused, Thanks :thinking:

No brakes.

if you spend a majority of your riding having to deal with technical descents, a brake is great for helping your legs stay fresh and having them ready to deal with the terrain.

if the majority of your riding is just ‘off road’ out in the woods, but not going down ski hills or something, they are not really necessary.

They make it easier to go down steep stuff in control as you are less likely to lock up the wheel into a skid if you are using your brake, as opposed to trying to counter the pedalling forces.

I just noticed you are from Kingston.

Skip the brake

I don’t do muni. I’ve never tried, but I am pretty sure that having a brake on your muni is a personal preffrence.
If you plan to do really steep and rugged terrain and going down slippery hills, I would get a brake. If your not that hardcore, don’t get a brake.


I want to put a brake on my street uni, I believe it is a Semcycle. It would mainly be for the long down hills on my route. I was looking at the options available on and saw that they are out of the rad v-brake mount. Are they any other cheap solutions to adding a vbrake?


If you’ve never felt like you needed a brake, you don’t need a brake.

I know I could use a brake sometimes, but not that much of the time, so I have chosen to ride without.

The steeper the stuff you like to ride on, the more likely you are to want one. Not sure what your area is like, but I know the part of Ontario down closer to Detroit is pretty flat.

If you really want to impress people, get the brakes. Preferably disc brakes because they look better.

Really, just follow the advice these people have already given you. I just bought my first MUni and I have a constant feeling that I need to make it more “professional” by adding brakes but I really don’t need them yet. Maybe next year if I really get into riding the steeper hills around here but atleast on winter you usually can’t use brakes even on a bike.

thats why im getting one. (hey, you can’t turn down a $20 magura)


Thanks for the great advice everyone. Its pretty flat here so I figure that brakes will become useless to me. I appreciate being able to ask people who know whats going on, the important questions. THANKS, Beener:D

I know nothing. I just answer people so everybody thinks I know something.

i ride i n B.C in trails that are pretty much all down hill with out a brake on a 20’ trials though i could really use one

Last weekend they ran the chairlifts at my local ski hill. I did 3 trips up and rode down on my uni - twice with my daughter and some friends on their bikes and the last (ill-advised) trip with Jeff on his uni.

I don’t have a brake, but now I fully understand why you want one for downhilling. My legs are toast!! It’s now Thursday. I rode on Sunday. I still can’t climb stairs without making faces!

Without a brake, your legs are all you have to slow down with. The combination of having a ton of fun and the occaisional burst of blind panic will make you ride well beyond what your muscles are ready for.

Actually, it’s pretty cool. As Nietzsche says*, “what doesn’t destroy me makes me whimper like a little girl.” Or words to that effect…


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Hey could anyone throw me a deal for some $20 Maguras?? haha please

or ANYTHING close