Brake mount

Does anybody know if this brake mount fits on a Nimbus Muni gel seat?

If not, which one does?


It should – I believe the KH base is used on the Nimbus seats – try searching for KH seat info, and/or see the threads about 2009 and 2010 KH product line-up.

Pretty sure - check out the details on the photo of the Nimbus gel saddle on UDC - you can see the “Kris Holm” signature on the underside.

That mount will fit any of the Velo based uni seats including, but not limited to: KH, Nimbus, Torker DX, Coker, and many more.

I’m using this brake mount on my Nimbus gel with velo base (not on the latest Nimbus gel saddle which is using the same base as the new new KH saddles 2009 models)