Brake Mount with GB4 Handles

I’ve been searching the forum and found alot of variations. What I want to put on my new Coker is a GB4 Handle on a Viscount/Air saddle. I then need a place to mount my brake. I’m thinking of using this. .Brake Mount I’m wondering if this will conflict with the GB4?
Has anyone tried this? Or…if someone has a completely different idea for brake mount and GB4 type handles (keeping a budget in mind) I’m open to suggestions.
I thought the Viscount saddle with air pillow and fusion cover would make a decent economic saddle with a good base plate for mounting to.

that’ll be fine. if you cut it down that small it might be a little hard to reach, but those bar ends are pretty long and you cut it down to where you want it. it should be more than long enough out of the box.

I’m working on building a new coker and plan to put on a V-brake and I was thinking I would try useing a road bike brake lever mounted on the GB handle bacwards. I want to find one that is for a V-brake which I know someone makes,because I have seen V-brakes on touring bikes. And with the cable that comes out down by the clamp, not out the top like the old style road bike brake levers. I think it would be nice to have the brake lever on the handle itself so that you can use the brake without having to let go of the handle. I think it might work with the magura by useing a brake line with a 90 degree end on it.

Check out the brake lever position on U-Turn’s custom modified GB4 handle setup. That may give you some ideas. The handle was designed in collaboration by U-Turn and George Barnes.

Thanks for the help. Is there any non-custom tube that will fit into the end of a GB4 handle like this?



gb4 w brake.jpg

I think I am going to try mounting my brake lever backwards directly on the GB4. Anyone tried that?

I did. Unfortunately, the brake lever stuck out past the handle it got bent on a fall.

I eventually made my own mounting bar for a brake, bell and beer bottle opener. Pics are here…

cheers… Mojoe