brake levers?

Does anyone use the extenders like on UDC?

I was wondering if they help anyone with the fumbling of trying to use the bird givin finger as your only support for braking…Does anyone have any pics of how it looks when its on and any imput on how well do they work? Thanks guys, Ohh and I got 2 new unis il post pics in another thread :smiley:

Cody, you’ve got to saw the 10 buck extender off so it’s only about two inches long (otherwise it hits your leg), file down the edges and screw it down tight using the super duper (red?) Loctight. I used this arrangement before I got a Wallis set up, but twice lost the thing when it screw got loose. It doesn’t fit perfectly on a Magura handle but good enough if you crank it down. It makes the brake way easier to engage.


Yes, those lever extenders work. I use one on my Coker and also on my muni (when I bother to put the brake on the muni). It allows for nice controlled two finger brake action without worrying about a finger slipping off the lever.

You do need to cut it shorter. It’s also not a good fit on the Magura levers. You’ll need to shim it up to make it fit snugly and keep it from getting loose. Figure out what kind of shimming will make it tight and snug. I used a small washer under the set screw. Do whatever works to make it tight and snug on your brake lever.

i never found the real need for it. I got used to pulling the brake as it is.

I wonder what it will be like if you put a car handbrake on a coker or 29er etc. :smiley: :smiley:

I got one its ok but I rather just tilt the brake lever up towards the right with out the extender, but iff you cut itt down I think it would be better.
anyway I think breaks kind of suck I got one for CMW thinking it would be snazzy, but even on steep sections i almost never used it now its sitting in my droor
mm new unis from your koxx sponsorship?

Lol I didnt actually ask for the brake Tom kinda gave me one so that it would look more snazzy ;-). Well il hold off on the handle for now I guess, and try to get used to the way mine is, but does anyone have an pics of what the attachment looks like?

You can put something similar, I have seen it done on a 29er. Its basically just a drag break so you don’t have to hold the break you just set it and it keeps dragging as you go down a hill.

I’m glad you asked this question Cody, I’m picking up some breaks next week to finish off my muni and I was wondering the same thing. I’m using v brakes though so I will have more choice in levers.

By the way did you get a 24 or 26 and what size cranks?!

You can always get a scott wallis carbon brake lever instead, it curves round so you can grip it easily.

i think that only really works well with scott’s offset brake mount ^^^^

I think I’ve seen one where someone used a cut down spoon on the end of the brake lever. Seems that would work as well as long as you could figure out a good way of attaching the spoon to the brake lever.

One problem with the Delta brake extender is that it is bulky. It can limit the amount of travel in the brake lever because the Delta brake extender will hit the saddle and prevent the brake lever from traveling any further. A spoon would not have that problem and would still allow you to get a couple of fingers on the brake lever easily.

I go thte 24in Track monster with 160 cranks, the beast is wicked!!

Mine works well with a UDC Brake Mount.