brake lever mounting

How did everyone mount their brake levers on their muni? I tried using pipe straps to secure a pipe to which I mounted the lever on underneath the seat, but I couldn’t get the bolts on because they hit the straps. Pictures would be great.

Pipe clamps, huh? sells an underseat post that attaches to your front handle. Um, use that.


hhmmmm. that looks good but it doesn’t say it works with nimbus saddles and i have a nimbus gel. i also don’t want to invest in a new saddle if at all possible.

It will work. All modern seats (KH, Nimbus, Koxx) use the same Velo seat base. Meaning the bolt pattern is the same on all of them.

so i hick engineered a mount using tubing and a pipe strap. i ended up sticking a piece of rubber between the tube and the pipe strap to create more friction. we’ll see how long it lasts. it seems pretty solid. if this fails i’ll go ahead and order the proper mounting hardware.

I made a custom brake holder to work with my Reeder.

I use a bar end like the middle one here:

It mounts onto the seatpost.

i ordered some from udc knowing the clamp was too small for the seatpost because they were a buck for a pair. that is the tube i am using. do they make a handlebar end that will fit a nimbus (25.4) seatpost? that is what i really want to do.

I mounted my brake on the underseat post but couldn’t easily reach the handle. I found a simple solution, cut a 1cm wide end off a PVC pipe and ziptie it to the brake handle. I like the loop, I can just stick my finger in and hang on for long downhills, even in muni.

I don’t have a good closeup, but its simple, and seen from a distance in the pict below