Brake Lever Mount

Has anyone else seen these brake lever mounts over at Scott Wallis has made some similar brake lever mounts, but this is the first I’ve seen of a mount like this that was commercially available.

I like this style of brake lever mount better than using a bar end, special rail bracket, or funky seatpost. The solution is cleaner and less likely to get in the way.



I made my first handle-mounted brake about 5 months ago, and right after that Darren Bedford posted pictures of some that he made and had apperently already shown at TOque or somewhere. I don’t find them in his photos now and don’t know if he is selling them.
I will be making them for both my “handed” handles and for conventional applications, but I am not sure how soon I will have them widely available.

Email me and I will make you a prototype to test.


The disadvantage to this setup, that I see, is that the finger-lever connection is very poor. This disadvantage is shared by the seatpost and rail bracket configurations. If you add a Delta extender, most of it has to be removed for leg clearance and you get only one finger on the lever.

The only commercially available setups that actually form a good finger-lever connection are

A) the bar end, which can yaw right or left depending on the rider’s handedness, in conjunction with a delta extender,

B) the modified brake lever, which has been posted about recently, which zigzags to present a 2-3 finger surface to the rider,

and C) the slightly heavier, but more capable modified GBDS setup that George and I co-developed (photo here) for non-hopping, cross-country, and road riding applications. Ben P-S recently used that setup racing in Canada. This presents the lever to the hand just like on a normal bicycle handlebar. The GBDS handle is available through me, made by George.

Also I think Scot Cooper and Rick Hunter have developed something adjustable, for Coker long-distance riding, too extensive for smaller unis.

There is also someone recently on the forum who has done a Reeder-like handle-brake combination which looks really nice, but is a one-off so far.

There have been some paddles, or cross-bars, developed for the straight-on approach, Scot Bridgman did a one-off I think, perhaps Darren Bedord has one for sale.