Brake lever handling

I rode my KH29 this weekend with a newly purchased set of used HS33 Maguras. The brakes make a huge difference going down the rocky technical sections. I cleaned a section that I struggle on with my 24 (no brakes). It took a while to develop a good technique for applying the brake and holding the seat handle while going down a gnarly bit of trail. I finally settled on wrapping my middle finger around the lever and placing the rest of my fingers on the handle. I would get my hand in this position before entering the tough spot. Looking for input on how others handle braking for muni. Does the spooner attachment make a big difference? Are there any other homegrown modifications people have used?

I’m not big into MUni, but I have used a spooner before. It seems like a silly bit of plastic until you try one, at which point it seems so worth it.

I have my brake mounted to a handle though, being mainly a road rider, so some more muni types might have more input on this.

at the moment i don’t use a brake on the 24" and i think you don’t need one. but when i had one i used a breker lever (oldschool made for the barends MTB). i liked i much more than the kh spooner, because i goes closer to the handle (but its only fo one side use, left or right, the spooner you can use with both)

Spooner makes a big difference. It is expensive for a small piece of plastic, but it is cheap for the difference in braking.

Otherwise, like you say, one finger on the lever, hand on the handle. I adjust the brakes so that the lever is quite close to the handle when the brakes are on full - so that I can hold the handle and slacken off the brake without letting go of it.


I agree. Be able to have your finger on the brake but no force exerted, and then you’re ready to go when you need it. I’ve found it invaluable on the 29er (the brake–the Spooner is helpful, too).

Spooner is definitely worth it imo. More convenient, controlled and secure braking, and room for one or more fingers.

Downside apart from price is you’ll want one for all uni’s with brakes installed :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and be careful how much forward of the saddle handle you mount it. That is, if you can avoid it, make sure the Spooner is not the first thing that hits the ground in the case of a UPD were you can’t grab your uni. I learned this the hard way having broken one Magura brake handle and then seriously split my Spooner!!! No worries as I only have this one magura brake on my KH24 I fully utilized the split opening in the Spooner to just fill it with epoxy! Now it’s battle hardened! I may never get it off my brake handle, but I seriously doubt I’ll want to!