Brake lever extension

I searched for previous threads on this, but I didn’t see any recent ones. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

I’m looking for an extension for the brake lever mounted under the saddle on my muni (see pic below). I don’t have anything fancy (just the handle that came with the Nimbus Gel), and I’m pretty sure there would be no interference with an extension.

It seems like my main two choices are the KH Starfighter or the Spooner, and they both seem fine. Price difference is negligible. I’m leaning towards the Spooner because the edges don’t look as sharp as the Starfighter. Thoughts? Alternatives I should consider? Anyone got an extra they’d l like to get rid of?

The starfighter has treated me well for a few years on my 36" road machine. I don’t even think about it. It never comes loose or makes trouble. I’ve never tried the spooner.

Happy braking.

I haven’t used either one but they do the same thing.

The main difference is that the spooner was specifically designed for the Magura brake lever, while the Starfighter is meant to be a universal fit piece.

I bought a Spooner for my new HS33. It doesn’t fit, it was probably designed for the previous version of the HS33 lever (circa 2012?).
On my muni, I installed a Starfighter on the disc brake lever. Happy about that one.

Thanks UnderTheLake, Eric, and pierrox. Good info. I had read that the Spooner was for the Magura brake lever, which I have, but I’m not sure exactly which model I have. I bought the Maggys used (thanks for the heads up on that one Eric), but I think they’re the older ones. On the photos on the UK unicycle dot com website, regarding the Spooner, my lever looks like the black one they show, but I’m not sure 100% sure.

I think I’m just going to go ahead and get the Starfighter. I haven’t heard anything bad about it (quite the opposite), there is a question of whether or not the Spooner would fit, and while it would be a few dollars cheaper from the UK unicycle dot com site (thanks to Brexit, the GBP is down quite a bit), I think I’ll just order a shiny new Starfighter from the US based site. I seem to get stuff from them pretty fast, even with the cheapest shipping, and they’ve always been johnny-on-the-spot with their customer service. For a $25 part, this is probably more discussion than it’s worth, but I appreciate all the info. Thanks guys!

Starfighter ordered. I’ll update the thread when I’ve had a chance to install it and test it out.

There are also custom jobs all over this forum - a few threads labelled things like ‘custom spooner’, ‘custom brake extensions’ that sort of thing. They’re not exactly a complex piece of machinery, so you can use your imagination!

Nothing wrong with the starfighter though, looks swish :smiley:

Yeah, I thought of just making one. I’ve got all kinds of tools and random metal parts in the garage that I probably could have used. Just not feeling very motivated this summer with all the heat, and I think since it’s not a very expensive part (compared to other stuff), I just took the easy way out.

I’d recomment a cut to lengt old MTB brake lever extension like i have on my 24" Muni. There are lots of guys using them.

Had the same issue but when I tried to flatten the lever it broke and now it fits the Spooner well :slight_smile:

That looks nice, Eric. I’ll keep that in mind if the Starfighter doesn’t suit me.

I used a plastic spooner until it hit a rock and broke and fell off. I thought about replacing it with one of the aluminum pieces mentioned above, but delayed long enough to get used to riding/braking without it. Now I just use the stock lever as is. Works fine, really doesn’t need any extras.

I’m glad you shared that. Makes me feel a little better about my decision to go with the Starfighter. Aside from having to order it from the UK, and not being 100% sure it would fit, I was afraid the plastic Spooner might break from the abuse it would take on a muni. The Starfighter I ordered won’t be here for another few days, so I’m still using the stock handle, and it’s fine. I probably could have done without it and would probably file it under “nice to have” rather than “must have”, but it’s cheap and I want to experiment. Plus, if it helps to make using the brake easier in any perceivable way, I’ll consider it worth it.

I had a KH spooner on my road unicycle (29" KH Schlumpf) but I took it off because the lever is mounted on a handlebar and I pull it like a trigger with my index finger as the rest of my hand is on the base of the handlebar. On my mountain unicycles and freewheel unicycles I have the lever mounted under the front bumper and use a KH Starfighter on all of them. I generally pull at the middle part where I can just feel the tip of the lever. I had the lever stick out maybe a quarter inch from the Starfighter and it broke off on a UPD, leaving the Starfighter intact.

Yeah, I could see how the Spooner wasn’t very useful on your 29" KH road uni in that config.

So, a freewheel unicycle, huh? Very cool! I can certainly see why you’d want brakes on that! Must be weird to coast on a uni with your feet on the pedals, but as a former avid biker, I miss being able to coast sometimes. Nice!

On 29 and 36, the starfighter works well for me.

Budg version for 26 muni: a $2 test tube stopper (with small hole). I sliced off one side at the correct angle, so that I would have a broad, flat surface for my fingers. I was going to gorilla-glue it in place, but this proved to be unnecessary as it has never moved/twisted.

Reviving this thread here as I just got an 26" Hatchet and my Starfighter doesn’t fit on the brake lever. Anyone else experience this? Might look into shortening regular MTB brake extension. I do find my finger sliding off the lever on technical descents, which adds to the challenge!

I used polymorph plastic to make a spooner type extension for my lever. It comes as little crystals which you put in hot water til they turn clear, then you can take them out and mould them to whatever shape suits you. It even came with colouring sachets so I could match it to my uni!

It’s not that expensive, look it up on Amazon. And even with a 500g bag you’ll have loads left to play with and mould into other stuff!

Thanks- I’m going to try this moldable plastic option

Thanks for the suggestion Oorwullie! This moldable plastic stuff is awesome- so easy to use and you can shape it whatever way you want. It is very sturdy and has already held up for a number of rides. Plus if it breaks off I’ve probably got enough to make 15 replacements, all for under $20. I could have made it one of the colors that it came with but I didn’t bother, but for those who want different colors it is easily done. Great solution!