brake lever extender

what are your thoughts on this? wouldn’t this make it easier to grab also because it is perpendicular to the brake lever?

ive used one for years. Of Course it makes it better. There are better options but not as cheap.

You also have to cut it down for unicycle purposes.

Yeah definitely cut it down, and most importantly, make sure that no part of the brake handle and extension protrude further than the end of your seat-handle! I had enough clearance with my normal brake handle so when I UPDd and the seat-handle would swing forward like a tomahawk and hit the ground that the brake handle would be spared. Well I forgot to adjust the brake handle when I put the extension on and guess what? First ride out of the gate I UPDd pretty good in a rock garden and again the seat tomahawked into the ground, but this time the brake-handle extension protruded too far and hit the ground before the seat handle so the force of the blow snapped the brake handle clean off!! No big deal right? Wrong! It was expensive to locate and purchase a replacement magura HS33 brake handle with the dial adjustment! I eventually did and now don’t use the extension; just have gotten used to using the standard set up.

Good luck!

just put a spoon on your break lever and wrap it down with some duct tape. works better.

Hahaha true bodge job there!

I have been offered a free set of maguras! Great… but the handle is broken and I’m not sure if its replacable, and if so how much it would cost. Any help? (I don’t have them yet, so if there are different types I don’t know what this one is)