Brake handle on T7?

I’m considering to add a Magura brake to my 36" which has a T7 handle. The brake handle will likely have a spooner on it.

Now, I have my left hand almost always on the left-hand tube of the T7, so the brake handle MUST be there or it’s useless. But it also MUST be far enough backwards so that it doesn’t hit the road, because I know I will fall. But I’m not sure if there’s enough room.

Maybe people have done this already? E.g., if there is not enough room, would it be possible to make an extension to the T7? Maybe a curved piece of tube, like an upside-down U that extends forwards and connect the two handle halves, in a not-too-ugly way? Welding is probably ideal, but otherwise something that uses screws or seat clamps could be OK.

You can mount the brake lever on the T7 without any problems. If you’re worried about braking it on a upd just don’t tighten it too much, so it can move when it hits the ground. The spooner doesn’t make much sense there though IMHO. I have to warn you about the T7, mine lasted only about 7 months. It might be a good idea to have it reinforced before it cracks…

yes my hs33 fits snugly so that it cant touch the road. A spooner would probably stick out too far, and would e of little use as you can squeeze with your fingersround the handle in the way you would on a bike.

Maybe I should forego the spooner then. Can you post a side-view picture? If possible include the wheel so that I can judge how far it stays from the road in case of a fall.

will get out and shoot a couple of photos for you this afternoon

Heres a pic of the lever, this was before I put the brake on though. It does not hit the road when you UPD, so I wouldn’t worry too much

EDIT: I don’t think there is too much difference between a standard brake lever and a maggie brake lever is there? Mine is just a V-brake

I don’t think you would need a spooner on the T7. When you brake, it is natural to put two fingers around the lever from the side and pull. The spooner would be more useful if you were mounting the handle directly to the seat using a break handle mount.

OK, no spooner then. Samwii, that’s a rather short lever isn’t it? Also the black thingy that connects the lever to the T7 seems to recess it somewhat more so that the lever is in a safe place. Are those two parts standard Magura stuff?

Kington, you didn’t post a picture. Is your brake lever setup similar to Samwii’s?

My lever seemed to be that long. I’ve since put it on my muni, but here’s the only good-ish side view of it on the T7.


Case closed folks. Thanks to all of your input, I managed to get it right, see pic. The leeway will depend on how much I angle the seat upward, but with almost a cm to spare I should be safe.