brake/booster question

im looking at the hs-33 brake without the steal braided hoses thats $112. It comes with a brake booster that says standered size. does this mean it will fit a 3inch tire?

probably not.

The standard boosters will not fit a 3" tire. There is a GB4 booster that will fit a 3" tire.

Best bet is to go with the two bolt trials style mount instead of the post style mount. The post style mount needs a booster to keep the brake cylinders from rotating inwards when your legs rub against them. The two bolt trials style mounts work just fine without a booster. If you have a choice go for a frame that has the two bolt style mount instead of a frame that has the post style mount.

Yea… don’t put maggies on a frame that has vees. The evo mounts suck dick, even with a booster. It might not make that much of a differece on a uni though, but it definetly does on a bike.