Brake assisted coasting

Brake assisted coasting – I also call it “Beau coasting” because Beau Hoover is one of the first people I saw doing it, and he is definitely the master of it. Is there any other term for it?

Anyways, a short clip of “brake assisted coasting” with my feet horizontal:

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.


i don’t know an other term either, but a friend of mine is doing that to in this vid at 1:09 you can see him doing it (a while ago), he is now a lot better in it…

corbin ,that’s a nice little clip,can you do it reliably or was that a better one?Either way I am impressed.:slight_smile:

turtle – great clip! l never even thought about trying it with both feet on the uni; I’ll have to give that a try!

I can do it pretty reliably, but Beau can do it even more reliably, and on any terrain (including some tough downhill). I have some great clips I need to put together…


I was praticing down my parking the other day, I did one full rev:p It’s really fun to do.

I call it “Showing off” :smiley:

That is an awesome video, along with the one that Nathan posted a while ago of Beau doing it on his 36er. You and Beau are very talented.

Brake-assisted coasting = accurate but boring name
Beau-coasting = recognition of early pioneer of and expert at doing it

Other possibilities:
Free-braking = braking with your feet free
No-footing = misleading; not my favorite

Any other fun suggestions?

Why not combine beau-coasting into… get ready for it:


Pronounced “Boasting” of course!!! :smiley:

Yeah I was inspired to try it when I first saw Beau’s clip while back. Took me probably DOZENS of attempts to get a single full rev with both feet off the pedals. I guess you could call it a “rolling no-footer crank rev” also. Very difficult trick and just as tricky getting your feet back on the pedals! It’s at the very beginning of this video:

Understatement of the year!

(Where’s the Vietnam footage?)

That’s why. If it only works when written down, it’s kind of annoying out in “the field.” :stuck_out_tongue:

How about “Hoovering”?

I would really appreciate to have a tutorial about it.

Generally this term is linked to what we do to food after the ride. :smiley:

“Split coasting” would be a good name for it, since your legs are wide apart when doing it. This describes the trick well: It’s a given that your feet are off the pedals, and not in contact with any part of the the uni, since you are throwing your legs out in a “splits” fashion, and “coasting” while you do it. This differentiates it from traditional coasting, where both feet are in contact with the uni, via the crown. (and sometimes only one foot in freestyle.) :slight_smile:

Wait a minute, I forgot what I thought it should be called back when I first saw Beau doing it. It’s Brake Gliding or a Brake Glide. Naturally it’s gliding, not coasting. How can you be coasting if the brake is on? At least, gliding is what we call it when your foot is the brake…

I vote for Brake Gliding!

Oh, I like brake gliding! I vote for that one too…

Yeah, I have a rough cut of the Vietnam footage…but I just can’t figure out a good way to put it all together. I got better at shooting in Africa, and have more interesting shots. I also added a wide angle lens!


Finger glide.

Disk Brake Gliding?

Now that I have a disk brake on a unicycle, this brake gliding thing seems much more doable. Are there any instructions for how to get started?