Brain soup


Am over in Taiwan right now doing product development, and yesterday went for a Muni ride north of Taipei. Basically we grabbed a bus and headed north out of town with a bit of advice from a Taipei MTB site. It’s always cool to go riding in a new place and we headed up into a forest into the drizzle, amongst jungle and Bhuddist temples. Anyway, we rode for a few hours and then came back through a small town for a meal. Not knowing the language we went into a small shop and mimed “feed me”=). The server brought out some tasty bowls of soup, which was great as we were feeling a bit dehydrated, and we started eating. Mid way through we started noticing what we were eating- most definately brains. I have no idea what species, but now I can say that brains are actually very tasty =).



Thats awesome, I plan on going to Taiwan in the next year or two and that now adds another thing to add to my list of things to do there along with a nice long ride and going to the toilet restaurant.

It makes me think of that tv program… Fear Factor

Does eating brain make you more inteligent?

i have lived in tiwan before

its probably monkey brains mostlikly and i agree they are quite tasty

Hmm, I don’t know if they were Monkey brains; I think cow brains were more likely.

Attached are a couple of pictures of the landscape.


Hmm, I don’t know if they were Monkey brains; I think cow brains were more likely.

Attached are a couple of pictures of the landscape.



wow kris, you always get to go ride at cool places.
i always wondered what brains tasted like… a few years ago in china i had some wonderful (but strange) meals like this, usually with full knowledge of what i was eating. Besides, what could be worse than what we ate on our trip through france (snails, frogs legs and cheese :wink: )

wow! that wooden track is awesome… is it like riding stairs or more like the snake run?

By the way I should mention the “we” is Roger Davies and myself.

this is off topic, but Kris do you know someone named Carol Evenchick?

Kris I(the kid how email’d you a while ago) am still holding out on buying a new Unicycle.

I don’t think i could eat that stuff because i am a really picky eater

sounds tasty :smiley:
beautiful trail.

oh yeah. are the new kris holm unicycles going to be the same price?

Anyone who eats monkey brains is sick.
in my opinion

wow, that could be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard!!
but its awesome you went unicycling in Taiwan…I want to MUni there…

lol that stairway path thing looks awesome. I wish I could go to taiwan :roll_eyes:

Wow, cool trail, reminds me of a few places at Mt. doug. Of course it is rock at mt doug and not logs. In any case the logs give it a very tropical look, very cool !
P.s Was it slippery ?

I’ve never had brain, but I would imagine its slippery going down, yeah…

Re: Brain soup

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 19:09:45 -0600, danger_uni wrote:

>we went into a small shop and mimed
>“feed me”=).

I’m guessing that because of the language difficulty, you also mimed
something like “Do you understand”, and the waiter took that as
“brains please”. :slight_smile:

I ate chilled monkey brains right out of the skull like in indiana jones. they where good but would have been better hot. and to everybody who is gonna all be like " go away all you ever say is CHUUUCCCKKK NOOOORISSSSSS" just give it a rest this time. kris holm probably isnt all pissed at me because i like a martial artist. so like there you go. kris will back me on this one.

Hey Kris, that’s great! I was just talking to Roger last weekend at Mondo about riding in Taiwan. Told him how cool it looked the many times I’ve flown over. That is so cool you guys are there today and actually riding!!

Have a blast!