Brain Freeze : Street / Trials in Melbourne

Connor and i went for a ride in the city today, here’s the results.

if anyone was wondering he’s ok after the last grind attempt :stuck_out_tongue: mostly hit his inner thigh.


vimeo to come later…

awsome place to ride!

Sweet. I like all of those lines you guys did. Also the rail grinds were pretty sweet…except for that last one…that looked painful. Great video!

had a good laugh at him singin “something for the pain” right after that dude risking his family jewels. You guys are so lucky to live and ride in that awesome city. must be cold by now?!

awesome :slight_smile:
and ouch for the last grind, bad way to bail. :smiley:

You are on of my favorite riders. I love your videos SO much :smiley:

Sam, your vids are always good.

You’re a really good rider. That video was really good. :slight_smile:

Really good! The last grind must be painfull, lol.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: glad you liked it. We used connors camera and he did the edit and chose the song, turned out well connor :slight_smile:

i actually cringed on that last rail bail :astonished:

Vimeo Link:

awesome guys. smooth riding. nice rail grinds connor. the gap at 0:48 was great to.

you were riding that cool spot we saw, looks like fun.

Does look like fun. I miss riding so much :(… Rise Against!

Love you Sam

thanks guys :slight_smile: love you too chris.

The spot is pretty awesome. also there was another spot just a bit further but a security gaurd came out straight away…

Unlucky getting the nut shot infront of all those people… although I can imagine that the pain would stop the sense of embarrassment…