BPD-31 FreeRide pedals

Anyone tried this pedals?
How are they?
If my Snafu’s break I think of buying these.
Here’s a pic of the pedals:

Special Features:
Heavy-duty freeride pedals withstands rough “Freeride” riding.
High-quality 6061 T6 extruded CNC-machined body.
Maintenance-free sealed / DU bushing bearings and CNC-machined Cr-Mo axle.
Removable anti-slip pins.
Weight: 545 grams.

they look as same as the 24 butterfly pedals on the new koxx “white widow”. how much do they cost?

Dang. I like, I like!

70 €

The 24 Butterfly pedals cost 85 €:

The 24 Butterfly pedals cost 85 €

The BBB pedals cost 70 €

there heavy

id rathr get easton for that weght

Easton’s aren’t good for unicycling. The eat bearings. The design doesn’t support the bearing well. Unicycling use (upds and just hard pedaling and drops) will cause the bearings to fall apart. If you don’t notice the damaged bearing soon enough the pedal body can actually fall off the spindle when the bearing totally goes.

Wellgo sealed pedals also have the same bearing assembly style as the Easton’s. Wellgo’s are equally unreliable on a muni.

I used to have Easton’s on my muni. Had too many problems with the bearings so I switched to Atom Lab Aircorps. The Aircorps are heaven compared to the Easton’s.

I don’t know what style of bearing assembly the BPD-31 pedals have. If it’s the same as Easton and Wellgo then I’d stay away from them.

I don’t know howmutch the Snafu’s weights so I can’t compare.
I will weigh them today I guess

it’s the best pedal i’ve ever seen!
it’s very good for pedal grab

You have tested it?