"boys"... the video

well… ive got a smashing new video for yall

its the video with all the moves

kelly’s gonna post the link later





Ha, nice vid man. Really funny and some nice riding. Keep up the good work.



Nice video Tomsey, got some sweet riding and is VERY nicely edited. Could have done with more riding but s’all good.


ur like, awesome at editing, oh and unicycling

Your riding rocks, but that video didn’t. Maybe if you had shown that “lunge” segment a few more times…

And what’s with the sidekick? Kept waiting for him to actually do something. That walk-on role at the end didn’t justify.

Would have been better to put him to work with the camera, capturing you doing even a smidgen of the stuff you’re capable of doing.


we barelly see any riding !

i think these are the reasons its called “Boys” not unicyling boys

the reason it’s called boys is the song…

:thinking: I thought this had ‘all the moves’ in it? From the 10 secs of riding I saw (in between all the ‘hey look we can play with the reverse video setting! WOW!’) it was crankflip, backflip and trying to rolling hop over a guy doing up his shoelace…

Sorry to be such a killjoy, but you could probably do a lot better…

ahaha he obviously knows that, but he sed it was a stuff around video, if he made it for the unicycling, he would have sed unicycling …

oh well… i would have prefered to watch some uni-ing too myself…

sweet editing but i agree with the population i would have liked to see some more unicycling

I still thought it was an amazing video even if there wasnt much riding in it. I loved the editing and it is a keeper because i love Tomseys style.


The vid was ok Heres a tip, wear some gloves !!!

it was pretty cool. but in the intire movie you landed like 2 tricks. but the editing was awsome.
loved it.

hrmm…okay…I think this movie would have done better in Just Conversation, seeing as it had very little to do with actual unicycling.
what little riding there was, was pretty nice though…I liked that crankflip mount thing.

bah! you guys dont know what you wanna see these daisys.

ok… ill hit 10 combos, 3 down sets, 3 handrails, and some new tricks next video. by the end of the week

and its gonna have unicycling in it too!!!1111

maybe another britney song will be in order

This video was a great idea. It left all the viewers just craving for more. So now everyone will want to see his next video.

I just want to see unicycling…not back and forth and back and forth movements over and over.