I am getting pissed off that so many unicycling stuff supliers do not sponsor ppl they should get boycuted… for an example :profile!!!

why should they get boycuted(sic)?

Man, you’re a fool. Just because you can’t get a sponsorship doesn’t mean you need to whine about it. As if Profile cares about our business… We make up what, 0.1% of their buisness?

Maybe you should spend less time whining about companies making the (correct) decision not to sponsor you, and spend more time in front of a dictionary. Sponsorships are about more than riding. Would you want your company’s name associated with someone who’s barely literate?

are you stupid ? I never even asked profile… I never even asked anyone to sponsor me… just that look at it like this : Profile is making money off unicyclists… and they wont even sponsor the bet of us… (justin kohse)…so like to me that shows how much they care about unicyclists… I dont want to boycut them cauz they wont sponsor me wtf ? u r dumber then me since u call me a fool and I just owned you BIATCH

and also you idiot Im french… I type in french usually so no duh my enlgish is bad… so stfu and go kill ur self plz

What Im saying is : if some companies cant even give a fuk about the best unicyclists out there and I am NOT talking about me… then why should we give a fuk about there product ?

that was nice…

Gerble frnaklin you rlly piss me off… I dint whine shit about anything so stop aussming shit men… you should seriously stfu if u dont kno wtf ur talking about… cauz trust me I dont care if I type bad…cauz I can own u at so much things…I aint mad cauz they wont sponsor me… I never even asked them… Im pissed off cauz one of the greatest out there wants to quit cauz he aint getting sponsored and some gay millionaire companie r too retarded to give one of the best an effing free pair of cranks each month. so seriously dude next time before you start typing shit kno wtf u r saying… cauz you seem pretty much more dumber then me now


spencer I lost it there men… like seriously I am mad cauz one of my fellow unicyclists wants to quit cauz of some dumb companies like that… and what I get is crap wtf ?

I agree with Gerbel that profile doesn’t care about unicyclists, they are a bike company who happens to make uni hubs.

ChuckNorrisUnicycles: shut up.

Your spelling is horrible.
And no comment about your thread.

What good would free cranks be every month if you already get new ones every time they break?

I sitll think that they r rich and that they could encourage unicyclists… like sure we might make 01% or there profit but sitll sending 1 pair of cranks to someone wont kill them… and Im not only talking about profile those… all those other companies…like I wont name any but yea… like that’s why I admire bedford… he isnt the richest comp out there and still he encourages the ppl…

spencer Im giving examples… and sometimes they actaully dont replace them…

Yea good job diss my spelling… join the club dude do u seriously think I care ?

Well Bedford is a unicycle company though…but he is cool.

I think unicycle companies would be more inclined to sponcor unicyclists than bike companies.

after all the ranting this just made me LOL, and I rarely LOL.

I do not think udc sponsors anyone do they ? viscount ? nimbus ? yuni ?

As much as this check norris crap normaly pisses me off, that was by far the best timing for a random outburst.