Boycott Koxx-One.

I have just sent my last of the shipment of unicycles that I ordered from Koxx-One to various customers and friends from USA and Canada. :slight_smile:

Bad news:
I figure now that I am done with the company, you have the right to know what this company is like.

I ordered 9 unicycles, and they did not come for months.
After I sent many emails, all of which were ignored. Koxx finally decided to send me a shipment (8 months later) of 7 unicycles, which I ordered 9. eight months later! On top of that they stole 500 dollars from me (two unicycles).

After all this, they still consider me “sponsored” by them.

Good news:
for your next unicycle, I would recomend a KH.

I know Kris holm (owner of KH unicycles), he has a great unicycle company that has been making the highest quality unicycles for years, plus he is an even greater guy.


does this mean your retiring your sponsorship of them or you just don’t like them?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe they didnt have the unicycles you ordered ready and had to make them/build them up.I’m not defending them but there could be some explanation for the really long wait.On the other hand i cant think of any reason for them not sending you 2 of the unicycles

You are not the first person figuring out that they dont realy care about there costumers. Many shops had the same problems and stoped selling them.

Yes, stuff like that is the reason why you can’t buy Koxx products here in Germany anymore. All Dealer quit to work with them and also most in Europe did so. They also never pay there Sponsorship for second last EUC…

Dude that sucks, I did know they weren’t the best with customer service, but not that bad :frowning:

There could be good reason as mike said for them not being able to send the unicycles quickly, but there is no excuse for them not emailing you back to tell you whats going on. Its pretty slack business practice.

Also KH is better. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, have you ditched them, or are you still with them?

Joe, how can you complain about things like this when you’ve done the same to me? I ordered pedals from him, and he sent the wrong ones (on purpose, which I know because I even sent him a link to what pedals I was asking for, and he said he had them). When I told him, he said he would send a partial refund. Its been 3 weeks and he still hasnt sent the refund. He’s blocked me on facebook so I can’t talk to him there, he don’t respond to texts, and he’s hung up on me when I call.

I hope everyone sees this and realizes that Joe isn’t the great guy everyone thinks he is, and sees that he is a hypocrit for saying this about K1 when he treats his customers like crap too.

ive had great customer service with Joe, nice dude :slight_smile:

When I ordered my K-1 Devil like 3 years ago, it took 2 month to get my uni, and I emailed them to ask for the tracking number, they ignored all my emails. That’s why I dont ride anything from K-1 anymore, since I broke my K-1 parts and sold the rest that was still good.

KH FTW!:slight_smile:

Last year when i oredered for koxx one, i heard nothing for over 2 months.

then, after a complained about them on the forums, i got an email of apology and my unicycle arrived 3 days later…

The sad thing is they make good unicycles, but if you want it you have to put up with shit customer service…

8 months!?!?!

did you have to wait 8 MONTHS?!?!?

You kinda look like a fool when you say all that and still have your K1 avatar :wink: Also posting this after you have finished selling loads of K1 unicycles makes you seem…

CDK (french online unicycle store) has stopped stocking K1 for mostly that reason. If you can read french (or enjoy google’s french) :

Fortunately impact just came out with awesome cranks so I can ditch my last K1 part on my uni :slight_smile:

My point is that if he knows what its like to be treated like crap by K1 then he shouldn’t treat his customers like crap. And its going to longer than 8 months for me because he’s cut off all communication with me.

Uhoh, looks like koxx-one have some bridges to build, I’m sure they will start doing that very soon, don’t forget koxx-one is undergoing huge changes at the moment and things may very well change for the better very soon. Good luck to Arthur.

How long has Arthur been in control of Koxx-one?

There are really good deals on Koxx One unicycles in the US right now. They are on Ebay, Overstock, etc. They are priced at around $200, which is a very good deal even without any customer service… I guess it does make the long-term distributors who sell them for about twice as much feel really bad.

Hi Everyone !

I see that you have a lot of questions and interrogations !

First I’ll speak quikly about Joe’s problems.
I do not want to solve these problems on a forum, just I want to say that Joe don’t tell all the story and problems who explain the 8 month waiting !
About the 2 uni missing, all our cheking codes tell us that all is arrived.
Joe you can email me in private to speak about all that.

About our Dealers, Koxx-One, as you know, stopped working with them for a lot of reason, one was that our stock wasn’t enough important for all of them at this moment.

Why no more stock ? Because the global financial crisis has been hard for our makers, just when I arrived ! (also explain our problems for new unis ! Drawn for 2 years !)

Fortunatly we are back with new makers and in a few month we’ll be happy to show you all that.
Because of this coming back, we are working again with a lot of dealers as you can see on (and the list is not finished)
I hope you will get koxx one products soon in your nearest dealers’ shop !

Trust me, I do my best to restore the koxx-one image and products !

If you have any other questions, I’m here !

Arthur Caron

so what is going to be changed?